The Scoop On How Electronic Cigarettes Work


Electronic cigarettes are an incredible innovation that provides smokers with an alternative method of consuming nicotine that is much less damaging to their health than regular cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that convert liquid nicotine to a vapor, which is inhaled through the cigarette.  Electronic cigarettes look similar to regular cigarettes, but do not contain any tobacco.  They also do not contain the harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes, such as tar.  A lithium battery powers the cigarette, and can be charged as needed.  The user buys nicotine cartridges to refill the cigarette.  Cartridges can also be purchased that contain no nicotine at all.  With a traditional cigarette, nicotine is released when the cigarette is lit.  The nicotine is contained in the smoke caused from the tobacco burning.  With electronic cigarettes, there is no burning involved.  The liquid nicotine is heated, which converts it to a vapor.  When the vapor is inhaled, the user’s lungs react similarly to the way they do when a regular cigarette is smoked.  The vapor is felt in the lungs, and the nicotine is absorbed the same way.  When the vapor is exhaled, some of the vapor is often still visible.  This adds to the effectiveness of emulating traditional cigarette smoke.  Electronic cigarettes contain a vaporization chamber, which is connected to the lithium battery.  The vaporization chamber contains an atomizer.  This is the part of the cigarette that creates the vapor.  An atomizer contains a heating element for vaporizing liquid.  Atomizers also usually contain a wicking material for drawing liquid in.  Wicking materials vary, but often contain silica fibers. Many electronic cigarettes have a LED light on the tip.  This light is used to simulate a flame, adding to the authentic smoking experience.  The nicotine cartridges that the user purchases can be found in many flavors. The liquid that fills the cartridges is often propylene glycol.  This liquid is also known as “e-juice” or “e-liquid.”  Electronic cigarettes are a valuable tool for smokers wishing to improve their health, and are fascinating gadget as well.

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Volcano E-cigarette Review



Volcano Electronic cigarettes have slowly been rising in popularity over the years and are now one of the brands to watch, thanks for their persistence in creating good quality devices. Their designs have not always been brilliant, however they are now a solid brand with a good quality device to their name. The outer graphics of their new kits are very good. The box that holds the device also allows for everything to fit neatly.

The Volcano Electronic cigarettes have always had really nice flavors to their nicotine solutions. Each bottle of liquid should lasts for about the same amount of time as that of a packet of regular cigarettes, which is very good. The Volcano Electronic cigarettes come in four different kits. These include Lava tube, Inferno, Magma and the Volcano. The company also offer the option of disposable cigarettes, which is perfect for those that wish not to spend a lot of money on the full kit.

The Volcano Electronic cigarette brand aims to look after their customers and offer instructional videos on their website, explaining how to use the Volcano Electronic cigarette. This include things such as how to change the cartomizer, or how to change the voltage settings on certain models of the Electronic cigarettes. One thing that the brand don’t seem to be good at is getting back to a customer query in person. However, they do eventually get back in touch.
Te Volcano Electronic cigarettes are a well rounded brand that should be considered when choosing an electronic cigarette. They offer a cool selection of designs in their latest models. Their kits also include USB pass through batteries, as well as extra cartomizer and e-liquids. The Volcano Electronic cigarettes also have a good battery life and should last for a long time, if they are looked after carefully.

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